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Greenville SC, 29607

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Residential Division

Tiffany Bruce, returned to Greenville from Atlanta in 2011 and has lived and travel throughout many areas in the United States.  She has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that has transformed the Greenville area to be recognized as one of the "Top Places to Live." 

Tiffany is the mother of two boys and understands the importance of finding the right home in best area for you and your family.  Tiffany is knowledgeable of the neighborhoods downtown and on the Eastside of Greenville.

Tiffany's passion is also in Health and Wellness and holds certifications as a Personal Trainer and Registered Yoga teacher since 2006.  Tiffany choose to return to Greenville because of its location to the mountains and the beach (Historic Charleston is just a 3 hour drive away) and its increasing unique food scene, cultural/art events and its low cost of living. Tiffany will be happy to share with you her extensive knowledge of the amazing places and attractions in and around our city, which makes Greenville an ideal all-around place to call home.