Robin Bishop

Robin Bishop brings hand on property management and sales experience to Flagship. She ventured into the realty sector when she started working as an administrative assistant at Cliff Ridge at Caesar Head. Soon enough, Robin realized that she had gathered enough experience and developed contacts that would help her in brokering property transactions. This realization led to her becoming licensed in 2005, and since then, she has almost exclusively been working with properties in the Caesar Head area.

Employment at Cliff Ridge gave Robin the chance to get a thorough understanding of the surrounding area as well as the requirements of clients who come to Caesar Head in search of their dream mountain retreat and those who are seeking a secluded abode surrounded by nature. As a mountain native, she has spent several years living and working in Caesar Head. Although she was born and brought up in Asheville, NC, she moved to Cedar Mountain, NC right after her marriage and has stayed in the mountains ever since.

Because she lives at Cliff Ridge, clients simply cannot find another realtor who is better acquainted with the area and more adept at finding a property to suit their specific requirements. Robin knows just about every home in the area, including cozy out of sight houses that buyers would never be able find on their own.

Robin is known to take very good care of her clients, accurately gauging their requirements and offering answers and explanations that they are looking for. She makes it a point to guide her clients through the entire home buying or selling process. Robin is with the home owner or buyer every step of the way, helping them to make the right decision.

Hi, I’m Robin Bishop, a residential real estate agent with Flagship Properties. As a mountain native, I’ve lived and worked in the Caesars Head area for years. I am the area expert at finding those cozy ‘out of the way’ properties people have trouble finding on their own. If you are looking for a special mountain property, and can describe it. I’ll find it! Give me a call today and we’ll find your mountain dream home.

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